Law firms and similar professional entities present a unique, market specific agenda relative to telecommunications needs. Hosted but better has a specialized insight to this industry through years of experience in dealing with Attorney’s, CPA’s, and like professional environments.

Some of the specific needs and challenges are:

  • The need for an “Assistant” answering position to facilitate the Attorney/Legal Assistant-Paralegal relationship
  • Mobility Tools to accommodate access to calendars, presence status, and staff communications via a mobile or telecommuter device
  • Ability to integrate telephony services with wireless devices such as iPhones and iPads to provide ease of collaboration with support staff
  • Security – A must! The need to insure privacy and client confidentiality in voice conversations via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Recording solutions for depositions via phone or video conferencing
  • Reporting tools to integrate with existing billing systems – time is money
  • Redundancy and Resiliency
  • Disaster Recovery and Database Replication to insure recorded information and reports are available post disaster or failure
  • Reduction in workload for IT staff to alleviate already labor stressed departments
  • Budgetary Consistency; the need for recurring, predictable costs with no surprises
  • Ability to maintain current and feature rich systems without additional expense or labor


While traditional hosted solutions can cover a few of these items, many are not supported. On-site systems can cover several requirements, but not all. Hosted but Better offers an all-inclusive service, and can address each and every one of these needs and challenges.