Nonprofit 501(c) NPO’s and NGO’s

We have a vast experience in working with NPO’s and NGO’s and these organizations can experience some basic business challenges:


  • Tight Budget- no money for capital expenditures
  • Variable Funding contingent upon fundraising and governmental grants
  • Need for a consistent cost structure
  • Minimal IT resources due to budget constraints- need to alleviate pressures on overloaded staff
  • Need even more features than corporate enterprise, instead we find lower budget, feature lacking technology
  • Security- need to protect confidentiality of services and subscribers
  • Redundancy and Resiliency
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption- need to support community needs especially during a crisis or disaster


Traditional hosted solutions can address some of these issues, but not all, and likewise, on site systems can address some, but not all. Hosted but better offers the best of both worlds. We can address and provide solutions for all of these challenges and more. We have a wealth of experience with the unique world of non-profits and their specialized telecommunications needs.