Reliance Telecommunications supports a wide variety of telecommunications hardware, software, and services. We provide products and services in the U.S. and internationally. Our company sells and services a variety of voice and data information equipment from some of the most respected telecommunication manufacturers in the world. Each product we offer has been tested for function, durability, design practicality, reliability, and comes with a pledge from us - we stand behind each and every product we sell. It's not enough to sell products, but to design creative solutions to meet the challenging needs of businesses is another story. Because Reliance is not related to a specific manufacturer, we have the privilege of picking from a family of products to meet each customer's specific needs. We believe that no one manufacturer has all the best products to devise a solution to fit a specific network design. Manufacturing representatives cannot select the best fit for all customers, they can only select the best fit from the products they make. That's why we have better solutions than our competitors.