What we offer is very unique. It starts with identifying how much are you paying today for telecommunication services. Simply collect information about voice costs per minute and support expenses for your current equipment. Most of the time we find that utilizing analog or digital lines such as the older POTS and T1/PRI is costing you money, in many cases thousands of dollars more than using newer technologies such as VoIP and SIP!

Simply put, for less than what you pay per month for your telephone service, we can replace everything you have with a new system and new phones,  as well as provide you with great tools to enhance your productivity. There is no capital upfront cost, just make your monthly payment which is usually less than your current monthly payments. We can maximize your interoffice and internet bandwidth by doubling or tripling it, so you would be getting more for less. We realize you might think this is too good to be true, but our program is not only true, but proven.

Why? Because newer technologies cost less. These technologies cost less to install, less to maintain, less per minute for usage and are far more reliable and redundant. Instead of being hosted and non-redundant, we leverage the redundancy of on-site solutions paired with cloud offerings. Some of our products allow you to utilize a "Your Cloud" design because there is no "one solution fits all" when it come to your business. Challenge us; simply give is the opportunity to show what we can offer... you will be glad you did!