Literally, we picked the best of both scenarios and added features that neither has. If you are concerned about security and redundancy then this is for you...

You do not have to own anything, basically we will put in a new on-site phone system and establish a state-of-the-art network with hosted VoIP trunks to support it; give you superior management tools, maintain it, keep it current, and pay for your local and long distance calls. You pay a monthly fee per subscriber that ends up costing less than the leading hosted VoIP providers. You have your choice of several leading manufacturer’s equipment to provide the features you are accustomed to.

Is your system crashing today? Does it need pricy upgrades? Chances are, we can roll your existing system into our plan with a fixed monthly cost per user, and we will upgrade or replace it without an expensive upfront cost to you!

The following matrix shows the difference between products: